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クラス SOAPStruct

Public メソッド

 SOAPStruct ($s=null, $i=null, $f=null)
__to_soap ($name= 'inputStruct', $header=false, $mustUnderstand=0, $actor= '')




This is a data type that is used in SOAP Interop testing, but is here as an example of using complex types. When the class is deserialized from a SOAP message, it's constructor IS NOT CALLED! So your type classes need to behave in a way that will work with that.

Some types may need more explicit serialization for SOAP. The __to_soap function allows you to be very explicit in building the SOAP_Value structures. The soap library does not call this directly, you would call it from your soap server class, echoStruct in the server class is an example of doing this.

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