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クラス SOAP_Example_Server

Public メソッド

 SOAP_Example_Server ()
 __dispatch ($methodname)
 echoStringSimple ($inputString)
 echoString ($inputString)
 divide ($dividend, $divisor)
 echoStruct ($inputStruct)
 myEchoStructAsSimpleTypes ($struct)
 echoMimeAttachment ($stuff)


 $__dispatch_map = array()


echoStructAsSimpleTypes takes a SOAPStruct as input, and returns each of its elements as OUT parameters

this function is also aliased so you have to call it with echoStructAsSimpleTypes

SOAPStruct is defined as:

struct SOAPStruct: string varString integer varInt float varFloat

when generating wsdl for a server, you have to define any special complex types that you use (ie classes). using a namespace id before the type will create an xml schema with the targetNamespace for the type multiple types with the same namespace will appear in the same schema section. types with different namespaces will be in seperate schema sections. the following SOAPStruct typedef cooresponds to the SOAPStruct class above.


$__dispatch_map = array()

The dispactch map does not need to be used, but aids the server class in knowing what parameters are used with the functions. This is the ONLY way to have multiple OUT parameters. If you use a dispatch map, you MUST add ALL functions you wish to allow be called. If you do not use a dispatch map, then any public function can be called from soap (in php4, we consider this to be any function in the class unless it starts with underscore, php5 support is not complete yet in this regard). if you do not define in/out parameters, the function can be called with parameters, but no validation on parameters will occure.

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