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クラス MP3DB_Class

Public メソッド

 MP3DB_Class ()
 SayHallo ($name)
 SayThisNTimes ($SayThis, $NTimes)
 GetMP3Tracks ($query="")
 AddMP3Track ($MP3Track)
 __dispatch ($methodname)


 $__dispatch_map = array()
 $__typedef = array()


the only way to describe all methods in WSDL (messages, PortType-operations and bindings) is to use __dispatch_map to describe every method (even methods using simple data types in 'in' and 'out' parameters...)

I use __typedef to describe userdefined Types in WSDL. Structs and one-dimensional arrays are supported: Struct example: $this->__typedef['TypeName'] = array('VarName' => 'xsdType', ... ); or $this->__typedef['TypeName'] = array('VarName' => '{namespace}SomeOtherType'); Array example: $this->__typedef['TypeName'] = array(array('item' => 'xsdType')); or $this->__typedef['TypeName'] = array(array('item' => '{namespace}SomeOtherType'));

Struct 'MP3Track'

MP3TracksArray - array of 'MP3Track' structs

Struct 'MethodDebug'

return Struct of method GetMP3Tracks

return Struct of method AddMP3Track

Array of strings

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